5 Days Of Maternity Outfits


I have had a few requests to show how I’m dressing the bump now it’s getting bigger.  It can be tricky to get the balance right and it almost goes against a woman’s nature to ‘show off’ a big tummy BUT remember that you should be proud of your bump.  So don’t hide it away under baggy clothes…show that baby off!  I always promised myself that I would live in slouchy, unflattering clothes because I know for a fact that I wouldn’t feel good about myself.  I think self-esteem is an important issue in pregnancy and it can cause you to feel really down when you see your body changing beyond recognition so rapidly.  So dress up, make up and feel good about yourself! You’re not doing it for anyone else except yourself.

outfitcollage1Coat: Topshop | Jeans: TopshopBlouse: New Look | Boots: River Island | Bag: Michael Kors

The trick is to try and find clothes that are comfortable but stylish, practical but smart.  I feel like I walk better in heels and they make me feel more feminine so I tend to wear medium sized heels that are easy to walk in.  I’m lucky enough not to have the dreaded swollen pregnancy feet yet so until that happens, I’m happy to wear comfortable heels.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wear heels for hours on end but I can mange a good 5-6 hours without any discomfort.  Remember that block heels will give you a lot more support and balance than thin, spindly ones! If you simply cannot bear to wear heels at this stage of your pregnancy, then flat boots or ballet flats are a good option.  Choosing more interesting styles can add a bit of interest to your outfit.


The oversized coat trend came at a good time for me because it’s the perfect way of housing the bump whilst still feeling somewhat chic! I absolutely adore the peachy coral shade of this Topshop coat and although it seems to be sold out in most stores, I managed to pick one up for myself on Ebay! It’s so refreshing to be able to wear a brighter coat now that Spring has sprung! The grey Topshop maternity jeans are the most comfortable I have found so far because they are made from a soft material with an elastic band that sits under the bump.


Coat: Zara | Dress: ASOS Maternity | Boots: Zara | Bag: Reiss

ASOS have a fantastic maternity range with loads to choose from.  I picked up this magenta knitted dress with a black lace collar.  It’s perfect for those colder days and is of course extremely comfortable.  I can see myself wearing this right up into and through my third trimester. Now that my bump is bigger, I feel a lot more comfortable showing it off because it looks less like a gut and more like a pregnant belly! I like to team simple fitted t-shirts with statement necklaces for a smart casual feel.


Coat: Topshop | Top: ASOS | Jeans: Topshop Maternity | Boots: Kurt Geiger | Bag: Reiss | Necklace: Zara

This statement piece that I picked up from Zara this week is just absolutely beautiful and I felt like the  blue and green toned stones would make a stunning contrast against the coral shade of the coat.



I have seen a lot of maternity outfits on Pinterest with sky high stilettos on and I have to say that this simply is not practical for my lifestyle.  There’s no way I could walk around all day in those heels and I don’t want to give you an unrealistic representation of my maternity style.  I’m all about practicality with style thrown in.  The weather here is still pretty chilly so there will be no bare legs for the foreseeable future! I am currently living in maternity skinny jeans, smart leggings or tights.


Jacket: Zara | Jeans: River Island | T-shirt: H&M Maternity | Wedge Trainers: H&M | Bag: Modalu

Wedge trainers are also a great choice for comfort whilst providing a bit of height. Walking in flat shoes when you are pregnant can make you feel dumpy and heavy so I feel like a small heel gives me more of a spring in my step!  They are incredibly comfortable too!


Coat: Topshop | Dress: Boohoo | Bag: Topshop | Boots: Zara

I have found that form-fitting midi dresses that have a bit of stretch in them are perfect for a pregnant figure because it allows you to show off that bump, whilst remaining comfortable.  The material will stretch to fit your bump as it gets bigger as well.  You get some really affordable and lovely styles on Boohoo.com and MissGuided.

What are your favourite maternity style tips?

6 thoughts on “5 Days Of Maternity Outfits

  1. Lindsay Morrow

    Hi Laura, I absolutely love your maternity blogs and enjoying your videos as well. I am just 14 weeks along so these posts are giving me lots of inspiration :) xx

  2. Avril

    Laura, this is a fab post. I love your style you are wearing your bump so well. I live in jeans and only have the black leigh maternity jeans, have just ordered a blue pair too! You have such great ideas a simple tea with a statement necklace works beautifully. It is so easy just to wear flats and baggy clothes but your right if you look good you feel good about your growing bump. Am 16 weeks and am definitely going to take some of your style tips. Thanks for such a great post x

  3. Emily

    Hi Laura!

    I’m a massive fan of your blog and absolutely love this coat, I’ve only found it on eBay In a size 10 and I’m normally more of a size 12 just because I’m 5 foot 10. I just wondered if you thought it fitted true to size or if you could go down a size? Obvs you still want it to look boyfriend style, but it might be nice for the arms not too be too loose etc so I thought a 10 might be ok? Your thoughts would be really appreciated!! Thanks so much and carry on the good work! And congratulations on your pregnancy :) So exciting!!!! Xoxo

    1. Laura Murphy Post author

      Hi Emily, thanks so much for your lovely comment! It always makes me smile to know that someone enjoys reading my posts! I would say you could definitely order a size down. The coat is oversized to the point where I would recommend that anyway xx


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