I’m Pregnant!!!


If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll already know my massive news…I’m pregnant!  I can’t put into words how excited we are about this huge life-changing journey.  It has happened at the perfect time for us and today was my first scan – something I had been looking forward to since I found out that I was pregnant.  It has been incredibly difficult to keep this news to myself and I’m so relieved that i can finally share it with you all! There had been so many times that I want to talk about my pregnancy but I had to keep tight lipped until I reached 12 weeks.


Seeing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time is something I cannot put into words.  I felt an overwhelming rush of emotion when I spotted the little flutter on the screen.  Then to see the baby jumping around inside me was completely magical.  Chris couldn’t wipe the huge smile from his face and it was just the most incredible moment for both of us.

I was never really a ‘baby person’ per se, I never babysat as a teenager and was never around babies in my family when I was growing up.  Despite all that, the moment I found out I was pregnant was a moment of elation and utter joy.  It really is different when YOU create a life with someone you truly love.  It’s incredibly surreal to think you’re growing a human being inside your body and you literally wake up every day with the realisation that it’s the most surreal and amazing experience you have ever gone through.

I must say that I have been totally overwhelmed today by all the tweets, messages, emails and Facebook comments congratulating us and sending good wishes.  It has really touched me that everyone is so positive, supportive and kind to leave such lovely messages for me.  It speaks volumes of the fantastic blogging community that I am proud to be a part of!

This is my very first bump update – I only have a small swelling at the moment and it kind of just looks like I’ve eaten a hell of a lot of carbs.  I definitely can’t wear my skinny jeans anymore because they are so uncomfortable so this pregnancy lark is going to require a major wardrobe re-think!  I have seen other pregnant bloggers doing these updates and I found it really comforting and helpful to see what other women go through, how they deal with certain symptoms and generally how they progress as the weeks go on.


Total weight gain: 2lbs
Maternity clothes? My bump isn’t big enough yet for full-on maternity wear but I’ve had to re-think certain outfits
Stretch marks? None so far – I have been religiously applying almond oil to my torso to prevent them!
Sleep: I really struggled to sleep in the first few weeks because I felt nauseous and had leg cramps but I seem to be getting into a better sleeping pattern now.  Although I still have to get up EVERY night at about 3-4am for a toilet break!
Best moment this week: Definitely seeing my baby’s heartbeat on screen for the very first time and seeing baby wriggling around!
Miss anything? I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since I found out I was pregnant but I don’t miss it.  The only thing I miss is having my steaks medium rare and also cheeses like Brie and Camembert!
Food cravings: Luckily I have only been craving apples and satsumas
Anything making you queasy or sick? The thought of scrambled or boiled eggs turns my stomach at the moment!
Gender: They don’t tell you the gender at the maternity hospital here but you can have a private scan to find out.  I’m still undecided about whether I want to know…
Symptoms:  This week’s symptoms have included leg cramps, sore back, headaches, tiredness and mild stomach cramps.  I have been thanking the lord that I didn’t have morning sickness at all – just nausea.
Happy or moody most of the time: I would say I’m definitely happy 99% of the time – no pregnancy rage yet! ha ha.
Looking forward to: Having another scan next week and getting to see baby again – they will be able to get a clearer image of the baby and also carry out some screening tests.


26 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant!!!

  1. Kerry Dyer

    Congratulations Laura! It is so magical, you’re so blessed :) Coconut oil is the BEST thing for preventing stretch marks! I already have mine stocked up! (We’re trying for baby number 2!)

    It is obviously your choice about finding out the gender of the baby but I would strongly advise you don’t. We didn’t find out and although it was VERY tempting to find out and I wanted things in either pink or blue before hand, there is nothing more magical and bonding than that moment when you give birth and you find out the gender and then name him/her. You and your husband are the only people at that moment that know what it is, it truly is special between your new little family :) Can’t wait for all your updates!!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, fashion & lifestyle blog

  2. Lilit

    Yay! Congratulations to you and your husband! Having a child absolutely changes your life but it’s definitely for the better! Hope it all goes well and looking forward to reading more about your bump updates xx

  3. Feranmi Thomas

    Congratulations Laura, I truly am happy for you. I pray that you and the baby stay in good health and nothing bad happens to you. I know its like 9 months away but I cannot wait to see the beautiful new life you introduce to the world. May God strengthen you and I personally would say not to find out the sex because, its always nice to be surprised. Anyway Congratulations again and please keep us inform with the progress of the baby. (that’s if you want to.)

  4. Trish

    Congratulations!! Word of warning though get slathering the oil on everywhere – I ended up with stretch marks everywhere but my torso!! All faded now though!! Congrats again! x

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