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This week has been a busy old time for events and today’s post is being dedicated to taking a look at the PURE Spa blogger event I attended on Wednesday.  The whole concept of the event was designed to showcase PURE Spa’s most popular treatments during the Christmas period.  We were treated to a some bubbly, tropical juices, a selection of sushi, cupcakes and various other yummy things! That was probably just what I needed because I got absolutely drenched in the torrential rain before I arrived at the Spa…hence my awful rat hair in the pictures!

PURE Spa Blogger Event

We were asked to pick a treatment at random – they were all kept a secret up until we opened our chosen folded pieces of paper.  I had prayed to the gods that I would get a massage and my prayers were answered! I got the Relaxing Massage option and it was just what I needed at the time! My shoulders and back had been so knottted up lately.  We were split into two groups – one group went off to receive their 30 minute treatments and a couple of us got a file and polish using Leighton Denny products.  My beauty therapist was absolutely lovely and we ended up having a very deep conversation!  I have mentioned Leighton Denny products on my blog a few times before and I absolutely love the brand.  For my polish, I selected a deep glossy plummy red called Passion – a perfect autumnal shade! I was shocked to see how fast my manicure dried using the Leighton Denny Miracle Drops! It’s definitely a product I will be picking up very soon because I’m always in a rush and end up smudging my polish before I even get out of the front door!

PURE Spa Blogger Event

Once my manicure was fully dry, myself and Kirsty were escorted through to the treatment rooms to get our complimentary massages – Kirsty had the Deep Tissue Massage.  We changed into our white robes and flip flops and schlepped on through to our treatment rooms.  I love the treatment rooms at PURE Spa because they’re cosy, inviting and they always make me feel instantly relaxed.  I had my relaxing massage with Sarah and she immediately made me feel at ease.  I think it’s so important to be comfortable with the person who is giving you a massage because ultimately you want to feel completely relaxed to get the most out of the experience.

PURE Spa Blogger Event

My 30 minute treatment was blissful to say the least and I came out of the massage feeling so calm, rejuvenated and stress-free.  My therapist, Sarah, recommended I come for one massage a month to help ease the knots in my shoulders as they had been causing me a lot of discomfort.  I had always seen massages as such a luxury and rather indulgent but in reality, they are something that keeps your body in check, frees you of stress and help you sleep better at night.

PURE Spa Blogger Event

I couldn’t have been happier with my file & polish and my relaxing massage and I had an even bigger smile on my face when I was handed a goody bag filled with Elemis, Ren and Leighton Denny products!  I loved the nail colour I had applied SO much that I ended up buying a full size bottle on the night.  I can see myself wearing it through Autumn and Winter.

The evening was also another great chance to spend girly time with some absolutely lovely ladies –  Ashly, Rachel, Kirsty and Amey.  Please check out their blogs when you get a chance!

To find out more about PURE Spa Aberdeen or to book an treatment, click here.

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