Conor’s 11 Month Update


The last three weeks had been quite tough as Chris was working offshore for the whole time. Flying solo on the parenthood front is no mean feat – especially with two dogs and two cats to care for as well! Luckily I had Chris’ mum over for a few days to help out and that was definitely a god send! It’s only today that I realised I’ll have to start gearing up for Conor’s 1st birthday party because somehow it’s only 4 weeks away! I haven’t even thought about it so I’ll be doing some Pinterest scouting later today to collect some ideas! I think we’ll just be having it at our house since we have a good sized back garden. Weather permitting it’ll be a bbq…but lets not put too much faith in the Scottish summer weather!


Milestones: He hasn’t really hit any big milestones in the past 4 weeks, more so making small progress in beginning to stand on his own. He has been testing himself by letting go of thing for 5-10 seconds then grabbing on again so he’s definitely pushing the boundaries. His interest in everything around him grows by the day!

Sleep: I find that if Conor is at home all day then he sleeps a solid 2 hours in the morning (11am) and about an hour and a half in the afternoon (3:30pm). It helps that he absolutely loves his bed and all his cuddly toy friends in there. We play classical music via his monitor and he seems to just associate that with sleeping so it sends him off pretty quickly. I guess it’s all about routine. I do find though, that if I take him out and about, it really messes up his sleeping schedule and it can be difficult to get him back into a rhythm. That’s when he gets grumpy and a bit whingey. He still sleeps all the way through the night though.

Best Moment: Lately he’s started ‘talking’ to his toys…it seems like he spends ages babbling away to them. I’d love to know what he’s saying! He makes all these funny expressions when he’s chatting to them and it’s so funny and entertaining.


Worst Moment: Lately I do find myself constantly having to closely supervise him if he’s crawling around. He always wants to climb up on things which inevitably means he bashes his head sometimes. He had a particularly bad knock off the coffee table and you just feel so awful when it happens. Like you’re a bad parent or something. But the reality is that it’s so hard to watch them every single second of the day. He sometimes has a tumble in his playpen and falls onto a toy which results in tears. I’m seriously considering buying him a crash helmet!

Health: He’s definitely been teething on and off for the past couple of weeks – he’s had a rash on his cheeks, some nights he has a temperature and sweats a lot, he gets really red cheeks and wants to chomp on everything he gets his hands on. There’s no sign of his teeth on the top so he still just has the two front teeth at the moment. He’s due to get his 1 year check up next month and that means more vaccinations. Eek!


Eating: It’s quite fun letting Conor try new foods and he seems keen now to just have anything we are having. He is always craning his neck from his playpen to see what we’re eating for dinner. His favourites now are spaghetti bolognese, cheesy veggie pie, toast and yoghurt. He actually starts flapping his arms around in anticipation when he sees a yoghurt pot! We’re very lucky that he eats just about anything. Long may that continue!

Things I want to remember: The look on Conor’s face when Chris arrived home after being away for three weeks was just priceless!



Face Mask Round Up


There’s nothing quite like a pampering session to make yourself feel all new and shiny and popping on a face mask is a sure-fire way to pep yourself up.  I had a few face masks I had tried over the past few weeks and rather than draw it out with individual reviews, I figured it would be better to just to amalgamate everything into one easy, informative post. So here’s my take on some popular brightening, hydrating and clarifying masks:



Some people would baulk at paying almost £30 for a face mask but the way I see it, skincare is just about the most important step of my beauty regime. The more care you take over your skin, the less makeup you have to wear. It’s as simple as that really. The blogger buzz over this particular mask has been hard to ignore with everyone and their mother claiming it’s the best face mask they’ve ever tried.  I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s impressed me more than my previous favourites but it is up there with the best of them. It’s designed to clarify your skin, even your complexion and prevent annoying breakouts. It’s basically a clay mask which feels like it’s de-gunking your skin and de-stressing an irritated complexion. If you like masks to deep clean your skin then this is for you. It is advisable not to leave it on for any longer than the recommended time if you have sensitive skin though.



For me this mask is the best of all four featured, especially if you suffer from dry skin like myself. This dual action mask is designed to deliver a boost of moisture and protect against future loss and environmental damage. It contains Green Tea, Grape Seed, Turmeric and Rose Hip Oil. I love to use this as a normal face mask but also as an overnight treatment. You wake up with the most baby soft skin and I was floored by the difference it made to my complexion. It noticeably smoothed, softened, hydrated and brightened my skin. A real ‘wow’ skincare product that I will definitely buy with my own money when this one runs out. It would be a must have product for the colder winter months.


This is a really nice product for those days when your skin needs a pick me up but I would say that the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is better than this. The Ren one is more expensive but oh-so worth it’s weight in gold. It will completely overhaul your complexion and give you skin that really glows.  I have repurchased that Ren mask numerous times to date. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Ren mask then this Origins one is probably the next best thing.



This mask is probably like a drugstore version of the Aesop mask because it’s also a detox clay formulation and provides a deep clean for your skin whilst dealing with blemishes. It has an almost menthol feel to it, similar to the Aesop mask too. It’s formulation for oil/combination skin types but it was more than gentle enough for my sensitive/dry skin. Obviously the Aesop mask performs more impressively but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then this product is a great place to start.

*Jurlique and Origins masks are PR samples


Makeup Revolution Salvation ‘What You Waiting For?’ Eyeshadow Palette


I have found myself using my Makeup Revolution blush and eyeshadow palettes a lot recently so I decided that perhaps it was time to pick up another eyeshadow palette. After a quick look at their website, I spotted the Salvation ‘What You Waiting For?’ Eyeshadow Palette (£6).  At such an affordable price, you could be forgiven for buying up every single palette.


“Salvation is here! Why a Salvation? For the first time we have combined Shimmer and Matte Shades in a series of exciting Limited Edition Palettes with 18 shades of super high pay off Impact. These Palettes are in beautiful compact with large full size mirror for the first time in our series of palettes. We hope this is what you have been waiting for? We have assembled this as the perfect mix of nudes and naturals for day, moving to smokier by night. 12 shimmers and 6 Mattes inside with full length mirror #welovegwen There are 5 Salvation palettes to collect, in limited life themes and trends! Containing 18 BRAND NEW high pigmented on trend shades – 12 shimmer and 6 matte in a mirrored compact making it the perfect product for on the go touchups as well and a proud placement in your handbag. Come in 5 different palettes”



This palette contains slightly cooler shades than the Girl Panic one I’ve featured on here before. There’s lots of taupes and grey tones but a good amount of slightly warmer base hues to keep everything balanced.  The matte shades are particularly impressive and I’ve really been enjoying using them for a really simple and naturally defined daytime eye look.


As you’ll see from the swatches below, the matte shades have impressive pay off as usually these formulations lack pigmentation and suffer from a patchy finish. However, these ones are smooth and are so easy to blend into one another.


Left to Right:

You’re Capable:  matte champagne
Super Hot Female:  matte peach
Million Dollar Contract: matte lilac pink
Hot Track:  matte mauve mid-brown
Brand New Fans: matte chocolate brown
Wicked Style:  matte black


Left to right:

We Love You :  warm satin champagne
Tick Tock:  pink toned beige
Cant Find the Brake:  a shade darker than Tick Tock
Moving Car:  pink mauve
Do It Alone:   pink mauve mid-tone brown
Sex Chromosome:  blackened Purple with red shimmer


Left to right:

Now Its Only Me:  frosty baby pink
Scary Conversation:  true metallic gold
Take a Chance:  rose pink
Shut my Eyes:  warm toned bronze brown
Stupid H:  deep purple with red undertones
Life is Short:  charcoal black

You’ve got everything in this palette – fantastic base colours, wonderful crease shades to add depth, really pretty highlight shades that catch the light beautifully and a matte black to tidy up your eyeliner or smoke things out. I think Makeup Revolution currently hold the top spot for high quality affordable eyeshadow palettes. Don’t just take my word for it…pick yourself up one and give them a go yourself!


Current KIKO Favourites


I don’t know about you, but the more KIKO products I try, the more I really start to like the brand. A lot of their products remind me of more affordable versions of Mac products. Not only are their products reasonably priced, but they actually perform really well.  I just wanted to let you know about a couple of products that have really impressed me lately and they’re just about perfect for the summer months coming up!

kiko1 kiko2

Masterpiece Bronzer (£14.90) – sold out online but still available in stores

This bronzer from the Generation Next collection combines three shades to create a really natural finish on the skin. The darkest shade looks a bit scary but once you swirl all the colours together, it creates a healthy glow rather than anything overpowering. This bronzer has a really lovely finish on the skin – somewhere between being matte and have a slight glow.  It certainly isn’t shimmery or glittery in any way.  It subtly warms your complexion and really does mimic the look of a really healthy glow.


Tri-Bal Baked Blush in Deluxe Coral (£14.90)


The Tri-Bal Baked blush features three shades for a buildable result. This particular blush product was designed to revitalise the complexion with a radiant finish. This blush is ultra-fine and lightweight  in texture and because of this you really don’t have to swirl your brush into it very much to pick up enough product. A light hand is required with this product as too much swishing with your application brush and you unsettle too much of the powder. This blush is very easy to blend and it’s especially great for those of us who like a glow to our cheeks. The finish is very pretty and the glow-enhancing properties make this a winner for the summer months.

On another note, I love the contemporary and unique wooden case with magnetic closing. It ensures the lid never pops off in your makeup drawer. This blush is available in three colours: 01 Deluxe Coral, 02 Mysterious Earth and 03 Wild Mauve.


I have been using both of these products every day for the last couple of weeks and I have to say they have both really impressed me!


Baby Clothes Haul


I may be a little addicted to buying clothes for Conor – it’s almost, if not more fun than buying clothes for myself! There’s so much choice nowadays and the fact that he’s grown out of pretty much everything he has was just the excuse I needed to go and buy him a whole new wardrobe! In this post I thought I’d just through what I got and introduce you to a brand you may not have heard of.


Zara Animal Print Sweatshirt (£10.99) | Zara Grey Shoes (£17.99) | Zara T-Shirt (in store but not online as yet) | Tobias & The Bear ‘Mr Bear’ Leggings (£15.00) | Zara Boats Trousers (£6.99)

I really like neutrals, monochrome and earthy colours for Conor. A pop of colour here and there is good but I do find myself mostly drawn to cool prints and in neutral shades. I first became aware of Tobias & The Bear via their instagram account. Their brand is growing at a huge rate thanks to all the mummy bloggers who have picked up on this unique and stylish duo. Having met in 2007 as creative and editorial heads of a newly launched online fashion store they were colleagues first, friends soon after and then some time after that, mums to their little boys, Tobias and Arlo (the Bear in the tale).  Everything they do is 100% made in the UK as well and I do like to support homegrown talent.


I absolutely love the unisex prints they do, especially the bear and fox print leggings. They will also be launching a sweatshirt collection soon so I’m keen to see what they come up with. I adore Zara baby clothes and it’s by far my favourite place to shop for Conor. I guess the only downside is that because their clothes are so popular, you tend to see a lot of babies wearing them. I got Conor his first proper pair of shoes but they’re a little too big at the moment so he loves to pull them off his feet at any opportunity!


Zara Okay Sweatshirt (£10.99) | Tobias & The Bear ‘Square & The Gang’ Leggings (£15.00) | Tobias & The Bear ‘Just Call Me Fox’ (£15.00) | River Island ‘Just Bear With Me’ Trousers and T-shirt set (£16.00) – in store but not online | Zara Bikes Leggings (£6.99)


I have been pleasantly surprised by the baby boy’s collection at River Island. They actually have some really cool little outfits! I picked up the Bear t-shirt and print leggings and although there was a really nice bomber jacket, I did feel it was way overpriced at £30. I think River Island need to think about their pricing as Zara is direct competition for them and their pricing is far more reasonable!